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Honey is an Interior Designer in the New England area and beyond. Always wanting to design a space that is warm and inviting, she finds inspiration from listening to her clients and connecting with their lifestyles. Whether its one room or the whole house, she has a knack for blending her ebullient Southern style with the practicality of the Northeast to create a classic style with wonderful personality.

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How did you get started in design?

I was raised in Atlanta and experienced the world of Interior Design from a very young age! My mother was a noted designer, so I spent a lot of my childhood at the design center in Atlanta, hiding in the fabrics and joining her at all her client meetings. I spent a few years in New York after college where I met my husband.

We ended up moving to Michigan for a few years. We have two children and I spent many years trying to work and be a mom. Now living in Massachusetts, it’s only been in the last 10 to 15 years that I’ve been really able to focus on my design career and so I’m a little late to the game but trying to catch up!

“What I love most about Palmer is the quality. These products are created with longevity in mind, and that goes a long way with both me and my clients.”

How do you approach the creative process & problem-solving in design?

When starting a new project, I really take the time to understand my client’s lifestyle and ultimately the needs of their home – a growing family, big entertainers, empty-nesters and the like! My approach for creating a custom product is taking time to develop the narrative and bring to life a home for my clients that is beautiful, thoughtful, and functional.

What aspects of Palmer products complement your brand style?

Studio Tubular Shelving in Polished Brass

Palmer products represent to me impeccable taste. I love to incorporate classic with hints of modern. Palmer consistently puts forth options that have sleek, contemporary features with refined materials.

Both of my recent projects located in Beacon Hill have Palmer on display. We created a beautiful kitchen featuring satin brass tubular shelving and a powder room with a stunning vanity. Each space felt elevated and timeless, and our clients loved the results!

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How do you ensure the design meets clients’ expectations?

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Ensuring smooth collaboration between teams is the key to a successful project. Fluid communication, trust, and a proper understanding of your clients needs will always bring forth the best design result.

“I’m always inspired by my travels and other designers, both past and present. Having the opportunity to experience a new city or country gives me a creative refresh.”

Awards and Recognition

2023 Kips Bay Palm Beach
Designer Showhouse Designer

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