ADA Compliant Modifications

We can fabricate most any leg system to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

There are several dimensional requirements to satisfy ADA compliance: specifically a minimum of 30” clearance BETWEEN the front legs, at the narrowest point, a minimum of 27” from the finished floor to the UNDERSIDE of the front horizontal crossbar, and finally a maximum overall finished height, including the sink top, of 34”.

Please note that California requirements may specify that 29” from the finished floor to the underside of the front crossbar is maintained, versus the typical 27” requirement. Please confirm with your local governing body.

Please contact Palmer for assistance with these modifications.

3 Replies to “ADA Compliant Modifications”

  1. The quick-ship legs do not meet ADA knee clearance according to your provided CAD file. Is this correct?

  2. You are correct, the “standard size” as provided with the quick-ship program is both too narrow and lacks sufficient clearance under the front horizontal crossbar.
    We can modify the legs to be ADA compliant, but this needed modification excludes the order from the requirements of the quick-ship program.