Hospitality Division Services:

Palmer’s “sweet spot” is servicing the small to moderately sized hospitality and commercial projects for which a domestic manufacturer is preferred. Our unique business model, which includes overseeing projects from conception to engineering with timely delivery, while providing the high-level of service for which Palmer is known and sought, simply does not allow us to offer prices which are competitive with offshore suppliers. We cannot do both.

We often end up being contracted to design and develop only prototype units for projects which are then ultimately outsourced, through no fault or intention of the original specifiers who do appreciate (and often need) our services. Large hospitality projects are dictated by cost, and Palmer is dictated by service and quality, which are incompatible objectives.

Palmer would love to be your supplier for Boutique Hotels, Inns, Resorts, Lodges, Restaurants, and any other smaller, upscale projects where our design, engineering, service, and quality assurance are just as important to the owner as the items we produce.