Palmer Industries Product Warranty


Palmer warranties the leg system against any mechanical failure of parts for the life of the product when properly installed and used for the intended purpose only. This warranty covers parts only; labor is not included. Chrome, Nickel, and PVD finishes carry a one-year warranty. Custom finishes and living finishes such as Un-Lacquered Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Raw Brass are not warrantied. Palmer custom and living finishes are hand applied, and as such, are subject to natural variations in color and texture consistent with related products in the market. Different components, such as tubing and fittings, are likely to have slightly different color tone due to their unique metal composition and the high degree of hand craftsmanship involved with the finishing process. Our legs are superbly finished, but they are not jewelry. When “defects” occur, they should be viewed at approximately the same angle and distance that you would view the stand when installed: i.e., the leg is on the floor and you are standing. If the defect is visible at that vantage point, it may be considered a legitimate reject; if not, it is considered to be within industry standards for bathroom furniture. The same standards would not apply to a faucet, for example, since that is viewed at eye level and must be “perfect”.