Dealer Sign-Up FAQ:

1. How do I become a Palmer dealer?

2. What are the dealer display requirements?

3. What display merchandise/samples/tools are available for our showroom?

4. What are the popular selling models and finishes?

5. Does Palmer have sales reps I can contact in my area?

6. Will Palmer correspond directly with my customer if required?

7. Can Palmer provide an Excel spreadsheet with a price database?

8. Does Palmer stock completed stands?

9. Does Palmer advertise nationally?

10. Will I receive sales leads from Palmer?

11. Does Palmer offer co-op advertising programs?

12. Are Palmer products sold online?

13. Does Palmer have a M.A.P. policy?

14. May I use my own shipping service to receive product?

15. How are Palmer stands packaged and shipped?

16. What are typical shipping charges?

17. Does Palmer drop ship?

18. What is the Palmer return policy?

19. Does Palmer have a minimum order?

20. What sink top can I use to display Palmer in my showroom?

21. How do I specify the size for a china sink model?

22. How is a custom stand ordered?

23. Can a Palmer towel shelf be added to an existing stand in the field?

24. Does Palmer supply washstands for Stone Forest tops?