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You will need:

  • Countertop Width
  • Countertop Depth,
  • Countertop Thickness
  • Finished Countertop Height
  • to complete this order form.

The countertop is sized to fit the bathroom
and then we build the Leg System
to fit the countertop.

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  • This is an “intelligent” form that will assist you in answering questions.
  • As you make your selections, other selections become unavailable if they are incompatible with what you have already selected.
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  • Within 90 seconds of submitting your completed form you will receive a custom estimate for your leg system, unless your particular design requires the assistance of a Leg Systems Expert, then you will receive a reply within 24 hours or less.
  • Convert your Estimate into an Order by returning your estimate along with your Purchase Order to:  orders@palmerindustries.comYou will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.


There will be a Drop-Ship Surcharge of $25 per Carton

    This section is where you enter all of the identifying information for this order.

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    You can choose from a full Vanity Leg System with legs and horizontals,  just single legs, or one of our Quick-Ship Program choices.

    Countertop / Sinktop

    You fit the Countertop to the Room... Palmer fits the Leg System to your Countertop

    You fit the Countertop to the Room... Palmer fits the Leg System to your Countertop

    Select your Stone Forest Console Top & Leg Style

    Please call Palmer at (401) 421-1730 if you do not find your Stone Forest Console Top & Palmer Leg Style

    This section is where you specify the dimensions of the countertop so that Palmer can size the Leg System to fit.

    Please click on any ? Question Mark icon to pop-up information about that specific question.

    If you do not, at this time, have the countertop dimensions, you can still get an approximate estimate by entering the standard dimensions of 36 wide x 24 deep x 36 high with 1.25 inch thick countertop. BUT DO NOT USE THIS ESTIMATE to purchase your custom sized leg system.


    Specify the Leg System

    Now that we know what size we are building to, let’s decide just what we are building…

    • Select a Leg Style
    • Select a finish color
    • Select the number of FRONT Legs
    • Decide if you want BACK Legs (if available)
    • Choose other options that may be available


    Select optional materials to transform the appearance of your leg system.
    • Perma-Clear Solid Acrylic Rod
    • Reeded Tubing
    • Artisanally Hammered Balls


    • All Shelving Options Require a Shelf-Support Selection •

    Add an under-sink shelf for elegance & convenience.

    • If you select a shelf, you must select a shelf support.
    • If you provide your own shelf, you will still need shelf supports – they cannot be retro-fitted.


    Add Some Finishing Touches

    Add these accessories to complete your unique leg system



    Your selected Leg Style and Finish combination qualifies for our Promotional Reduced Lead Time!
    The Estimated Production Lead Time for your selected style and finish is: 3 - 4 Weeks

    The Estimated Production Lead Time for
    your selected finish is: 7 - 8 Weeks

    Paid Rush Service will reduce your production lead time 1 / 2 for Estimated Production Lead Time

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