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Quick Tip #14 – Style/Spec Sheets

Quick Tip #14 – Style/Spec Sheets
Go to our "Styles" page, select your style, and download the file "Style Sheets" are great for customer presentations "Spec Sheets" include a link to CAD formatted (.dxf) files for the trade You can also browse our specifications page from the "Resources" tab Please be aware that the specification sheets.. > more

Quick Tip #10 – Presentation Images

Quick Tip #10 – Presentation Images
We have created high resolution PDF's of our leg styles for use as a sales tool for client presentations. Go to our "styles" page, click on any style, and choose the "download Style Sheet" button. Additionally, we offer images of many leg styles in a bathroom setting. These can be.. > more

Introducing the Studio Style

The Studio console truly elevates modern industrial utility to luxurious design, with its sharp, refined lines, and understated elegance. The expert detailing and timeless design of this leg system punctuates function and form to deliver a dynamic feeling to any space, be it a casual loft setting or sophisticated master.. > more

This Old House

Palmer Industries Performs a "Supporting Role" in This Old House. Kevin O'Conner uses Palmer's Decorative Collar sink legs and towel shelf with marble sink top to restore a Victorian home”.  As seen on The interior designer for the recent Victorian restoration featured onThis Old Houseselected Palmer Industries for the sink base.. > more

What is a PVD Finish?

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition, and is a finishing process conducted in a high-tech vacuum chamber utilizing precious metals such as Titanium, and an energized high temperature gas called a Plasma.  It results in a hard, long-lasting surface that’s resistant to attack by many household chemicals, and completely immune.. > more

Palmer Precision CNC Machined Parts

Palmer’s fittings are produced by CNC machining from solid brass rod.  CNC refers to Computer Numeric Control, and is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control very high-tech, precision production machining equipment./span> Each and every unique Palmer component is first designed by.. > more

Rear Riser or No Rear Riser ?

A bit of explanation regarding the Palmer rear risers: Rear risers are the 6”-tall vertical supports that are shown extending up from the horizontal side bars, as highlighted in the red circle in the accompanying image.  In most cases, these rear risers are unnecessary structurally as the rear of the.. > more

Leg Compatability with China & Porcelain Sinks

The question is often asked, “Will a Palmer leg system work with a China (porcelain) sink?”  The answer is a resounding YES…in nearly every case…with very few exceptions. The above image depicts a Palmer console (our Studio Model LS2SNR) carrying a Catalano Zero 100 porcelain counter…as an example.  The only.. > more