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Polished Black Meets Hammered Gold

Palmer's new hammered ball fittings have arrived! 
The latest home design trend of pairing black and gold tones, makes this the perfect time to showcase the hammered fittings paired with our gloss black solid acrylic rod as the ideal accent for today's stylish bath environments. Each fitting is CNC machined.. > more
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The Glass Shelf Option

We offer several different choices for shelving materials including our tubular metal hotel-style shelf, a teak wood shelf, and a glass shelf.   The most common choice for a glass shelf is our ½” thick, clear, tempered glass with flat-polished edges.  However we also offer a low-iron Optiwhite glass which.. > more
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Design Trends 2016: Lustrous Living Finishes – The Warm Metals

Keep a sharp eye out for brass to become one of the major players in interior design. In fact, warm metals have been making an appearance in both residential and hospitality projects for a couple of years now. Particularly effective in bathroom and kitchen spaces, living finishes such as brass,.. > more
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New Acrylic Colors…

The Advantages of Palmer high-grade cast Acrylic Rod   Palmer’s Acrylic Rod is crystal clear, never ages, and imparts a fine “jewelry-quality” to your console. This solid, cast Acrylic Rod, available in 1.5”diameter only, is domestically produced for Palmer to our unique specifications, and is now available in Perma-Clear, Seafoam.. > more
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What is a PVD Finish?

PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition, and is a finishing process conducted in a high-tech vacuum chamber utilizing precious metals such as Titanium, and an energized high temperature gas called a Plasma.  It results in a hard, long-lasting surface that’s resistant to attack by many household chemicals, and completely immune.. > more
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Palmer Precision CNC Machined Parts

Palmer’s fittings are produced by CNC machining from solid brass rod.  CNC refers to Computer Numeric Control, and is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control very high-tech, precision production machining equipment./span> Each and every unique Palmer component is first designed by.. > more
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Leg Compatability with China & Porcelain Sinks

The question is often asked, “Will a Palmer leg system work with a China (porcelain) sink?”  The answer is a resounding YES…in nearly every case…with very few exceptions. The above image depicts a Palmer console (our Studio Model LS2SNR) carrying a Catalano Zero 100 porcelain counter…as an example.  The only.. > more
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