Palmer Precision CNC Machined Parts

Palmer’s fittings are produced by CNC machining from solid brass rod.  CNC refers to Computer Numeric Control, and is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control very high-tech, precision production machining equipment./span>

Each and every unique Palmer component is first designed by our team of artists and engineers.  These CADD drawings (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) are then “read” by the CNC equipment, thereby eliminating any chance for “human error” in the process.  Our parts are machined to within thousandths of an inch from a solid bar of brass, producing an extraordinary fit and blemish-free finish not possible with typical sand-casting methods.

All Palmer parts are produced in this manner, providing for crisp and well defined details, perfect dimensional repeatability, and installation integrity.

You can view some Palmer fittings being machined on our YouTube channel found at: