The Curved Crossbar Option

The typical configuration for our leg systems is a console which has vertical legs and straight horizontal crossbars.

As most sink tops are rectangular in shape, the straight horizontal crossbars follow the rectangular shape of the top.  However when the design of the sink top has a curved front, an elegant way to design a Palmer console complementing this shape is to specify a curved front horizontal crossbar.

We offer a standard and a custom curved front crossbar option.  The standard curve is available in either a 13” center-line radius or a softer 40” center-line radius.  Specifying a standard curve requires that the console maintain one of several fixed widths.  We can generally offer most any custom radius curve and corresponding console width when specifying a custom curve. Please contact the Palmer Design Team for assistance.

One Reply to “The Curved Crossbar Option”

  1. Great looking unit… love the way it bows out in the middle to match up with the curve of the sink!