Understanding The Palmer Model Numbering System

The model numbers for Palmer leg systems are easy to understand once you know how to read them.

For example, let’s start with Palmer model LS2TNR-ACRL-PBUL. All leg systems start with “LS” which simply means “leg system”. The next digit refers to the number of legs, which is two in this case. The following digit “T” refers to the leg style which in this case is the Tapered Foot style. The “NR” designation is our way of indicating that there will be NO Rear Risers, which are the short vertical supports that are located near the wall, on the horizontal tubes that extend from the legs to the wall. Next, we have a hyphen and “ACRL.” The ACR refers to an Acrylic rod substitution, and the L means that only the legs will have this modification. If you wanted ALL of the tubing substituted with Acrylic rod, you would use “ACRHL,” which means Acrylic horizontals and legs.
Finally, we have another hyphen followed by PBUL. This is where you specify the finish, which in this case is Polished Brass Un-Lacquered.