Leg Compatability with China & Porcelain Sinks

The question is often asked, “Will a Palmer leg system work with a China (porcelain) sink?”  The answer is a resounding YES…in nearly every case…with very few exceptions.

The above image depicts a Palmer console (our Studio Model LS2SNR) carrying a Catalano Zero 100 porcelain counter…as an example.  The only requirement is that the counter tops have sufficient flat areas on the underside in the front left and right corners to receive the tops of the legs; this is often the case.  The legs will support the front of the counter, and the rear of the counter is supported at the wall with either the unique hardware provided by the sink manufacturer, or a standard Palmer wall bracket.

There is no need to utilize our rear risers, and more often than not, these risers will not even fit under this area of the counter as porcelain tops are typically not flat in the rear.  Consoles with NO rear risers are designated with NR suffix, the “NR” denoting “No Rear Risers”.

If the exact specifications of the China top are unknown, especially the details of the underside, Palmer can provide the console oversized, and the final cuts can be accomplished on-site to achieve a perfect fit.  Alternatively, the sink can be shipped to Palmer for a complete evaluation, and we will fabricate the console legs to fit perfectly.

All China sinks that Palmer has evaluated at our facility are recorded in our online database found here…
This database provides you with many options of China sinks for which Palmer maintains all specifications, so there are no questions as to compatibility or dimensions. We can fit a leg system to any of these tops.  This list is by no means exhaustive; it merely provides some options, offering a variety of sizes and styles which are readily available.

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