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How to Align Most Any Budget with a Palmer Leg System

For example, the Tapered Foot style with 1-1/2” diameter tubing in a two leg configuration (LS2T), in a polished chrome or polished nickel finish retails for $2,252 at the standard size.  • If we exclude the “rear risers,” which are the short vertical supports that are attached to the horizontal.. > more
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This Old House

Palmer Industries Performs a "Supporting Role" in This Old House. Kevin O'Conner uses Palmer's Decorative Collar sink legs and towel shelf with marble sink top to restore a Victorian home”.  As seen on The interior designer for the recent Victorian restoration featured onThis Old Houseselected Palmer Industries for the sink base.. > more
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In each issue, we promise to bring you thoughtfully curated highlights from the blog pages featuring new products, new resources, and fresh insights into the ever changing world of fine bathroom design. In addition to product announcements we will have regular articles highlighting carefully selected lists of the newest.. > more
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Recommended Counter Overhang

One benefit of selecting a Palmer console, is that we will fabricate your console to fit your sink top . . . with virtually no restrictions for sizing.  When sizing a console for a given sink top, we inset the legs on the front and sides so that the counter.. > more
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