Bathroom Storage Solutions

One of the most commonly asked questions about sink leg “open style” vanity consoles is:
“With no enclosed cabinet under the sink, where do I put my stuff?”

With innovative storage ideas always in demand, requests have filtered in for new towel shelf options.

Our design team has developed two new towel shelf products; our new Teak shelf and our new Glass shelf. 
Both products provide practical storage options and appeal to a broad range of design styles. We’ve created a style page specifically for the new Teak shelf….please see our Teak Shelving Sales Sheet here.

The new Glass shelf and our current “Hotel Style” Metal shelf are also available. Each shelf is custom made to your specific dimensions, and complements the metalwork of the Palmer console. Please contact Palmer for pricing of all Towel Shelf options.

For storage of small or unsightly items on a shelf we recommend decorative boxes or wicker baskets. Stacked wicker baskets are a simple, efficient way to add storage and visual interest to your bathroom. Rattan, grasses and bamboo lend a great beach vibe any home. No matter what type of natural materials are used, they’re awesome for decorative storage, and versatile with so many styles available. Place the baskets underneath a Palmer vanity console to save room and to allow easy access to toiletries.

 eBay Baskets here
IKEA baskets here