Cutting to Size in the Field

You may have noticed in some of the Palmer literature that many our models can be “cut down in the field”.

This means that either the horizontal connecting tubes and/or the vertical legs can be modified in the field to change the unit dimensions.  This is advantageous because this feature allows for field-sizing Palmer units exactly as required for the particular application as well as modifying units if site conditions change.

Palmer leg systems are fabricated with solid brass tubing.  Brass is a non-ferrous metal that is widely used in the plumbing industry for a variety of reasons including malleability, corrosion resistance, and surface finish.  It is also a soft metal, which allows for easy cutting using basic equipment.  Our brass tubing can be cut with a standard tubing cutter, a chop-saw with a carbide-tipped blade, or even a hack saw.

Care should be taken with any of these methods to protect both the finish of the tubing being cut and the person doing the cutting – please follow all applicable safety precautions when cutting brass tubing with power equipment.

Whatever method is employed, the cuts should be as square and as clean as possible.
When the leg systems are assembled, the cut ends are hidden inside of the fittings.

The ability for field-modification applies to most, but not all Palmer leg systems.  As a general rule, any system that uses straight tubing and socket-type fittings can be cut in the field.  Some notable exceptions are:


  • Acrylic Rod substitution:  The WIDTH dimension of units with acrylic rod substitution CANNOT be field modified.
  • Tapered Legs: The HEIGHT of units using Tapered Legs (Tapered Leg, Minimal, and Kingston models CANNOT be field modified.
  • Square Units:  The HEIGHT of Square Style models CANNOT be field-modified.
  • Towel Shelves: The DEPTH & WIDTH of any unit ordered with a shelf of any kind CANNOT be field-modified as we build the shelf specifically to fit the legs as sized.

Please contact customer service for specific questions regarding the field modification of a particular model.

2 Replies to “Cutting to Size in the Field”

  1. Hello. Unfortunately, our acrylic substitution is only for 1-1/2″ diameter tubing at this time. There is no official “cut off” for width on acrylic rod, although we do not offer it on our XL models, which are 56″ wide.