Palmer Custom Design & Drawing Services

Palmer Design and Drawing Services

Whether you are remodeling a powder room or building a new home, drawings are typically where the process begins.  This first step is a vital component of any project and allows for exploration of ideas in the initial phases, and once finalized, the precise execution of a specific design.  As such, Palmer offers several levels of design and drawing services that help our clients visualize and choose the right products.

Your project can begin with an idea sketched on a napkin, a concept inspired by a magazine clipping or an image from Houzz or Pinterest. Our design and engineering team will run with it from there…

3-D Modeling/Rendering
The closest you can get to seeing an idea come to life is through a 3-D model.  Palmer can create a custom 3-D drawing of any leg system or custom fabrication project.  These drawings allow for exporting many different views of an item to give a real sense of what the finished product will look like from any angle.

If a higher degree of realism is required Palmer can also create photo-realistic renderings of the 3-D models, and if desired, placed in a rendered room setting.

Once a design is decided upon, 2D CAD drawings are the next step in the approval process.  All custom leg system configurations and fabrication items must be drawn and submitted for approval.  These drawings communicate all pertinent information regarding the product including dimensions, specifications, etc. that are required.