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Quick Tip #12 – PVD Finishes

Quick Tip #12 – PVD Finishes
PVD finishes are very durable and will never tarnish These finishes carry a premium price, with an 8-10 week lead time Visit Quick-Tip Archives learn more...

Quick Tip #11 – 1 inch Legs for Small Counters

Quick Tip #11 – 1 inch Legs for Small Counters
Many leg styles are available with 1-1/2" OR 1" diameter tubing Leg systems with 1" diameter tubing may be more proportionally suitable for small sink tops Consider 1" diameter tubing for tops in the 24"-wide-or-less range Visit Quick-Tip Archives

Quick Tip #4 – Matching Your Budget

Quick Tip #4 – Matching Your Budget
Here are some tips to help you match Palmer with your customer's budget:  Change from 1.5" diameter to 1.0" diameter tube size - when available Eliminate the rear risers - when available Substitute 2 single legs for a complete leg system learn more...

How to Align Most Any Budget with a Palmer Leg System

For example, the Tapered Foot style with 1-1/2” diameter tubing in a two leg configuration (LS2T), in a polished chrome or polished nickel finish retails for $2,252 at the standard size.  • If we exclude the “rear risers,” which are the short vertical supports that are attached to the horizontal.. > more

The Glass Shelf Option

We offer several different choices for shelving materials including our tubular metal hotel-style shelf, a teak wood shelf, and a glass shelf.   The most common choice for a glass shelf is our ½” thick, clear, tempered glass with flat-polished edges.  However we also offer a low-iron Optiwhite glass which.. > more

The Curved Crossbar Option

The typical configuration for our leg systems is a console which has vertical legs and straight horizontal crossbars. As most sink tops are rectangular in shape, the straight horizontal crossbars follow the rectangular shape of the top.  However when the design of the sink top has a curved front, an.. > more

Auxiliary Towel Rail & Toilet Paper Holder Options

The standard configuration for our leg systems is a console which has vertical legs and horizontal crossbars.  Although our customers often choose to utilize the horizontal crossbars for hanging a towel, we DO offer an optional towel rail which projects outward from the (side) horizontal crossbars.  With this option, two.. > more

The Importance of the Wall Bracket

All counters MUST be supported at the wall, with a bracket.  This bracket is critical to the structural integrity of the completed vanity.  The standard Palmer bracket is aluminum with a sandblasted finish and measures 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 1/8”.  The length of the bracket is a function of the.. > more

New Acrylic Colors…

The Advantages of Palmer high-grade cast Acrylic Rod   Palmer’s Acrylic Rod is crystal clear, never ages, and imparts a fine “jewelry-quality” to your console. This solid, cast Acrylic Rod, available in 1.5”diameter only, is domestically produced for Palmer to our unique specifications, and is now available in Perma-Clear, Seafoam.. > more

ADA Compliant Modifications

We can fabricate most any leg system to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. There are several dimensional requirements to satisfy ADA compliance: specifically a minimum of 30” clearance BETWEEN the front legs, at the narrowest point, a minimum of 27” from the finished floor to the UNDERSIDE of the front.. > more